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Wicket Gate Farm

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Bella came to visit when her owner selected a puppy from 2011 litter to be her lil' buddy.  She is now a teen-ager, weighs 47 lbs, and is curly since her puppy hair was cut.  Very cool.

This is Bella from our 2010 litter pictured at 5 months of age.  Her owner says, "Bella is doing very well.  She is very smart and knows a lot of tricks. I can't tell you how many of my friends want her.  I love her very much and made a good choice."


Satchels new owner wrote:
Satchel has been a good fellow.  I sure appreciate the effort you and the family put into giving the puppies care and shows.  I realize it is early yet but Satchel responds to both of us, the neighbor kids love, love, love him. He is doing very well with pottying, knows what to do and gets right to it.

Satchel came back for a visit this spring when his owner's sister came to pick up her Airedoodle puppy.
The Airedoodle fan club is growing!
Satchel is about an inch taller than Nellie and weighs 47 lbs.  He is a young adult now and I would guess that he will weight 52 lbs at maturity.  He is a great dog and they have done a great job with him.  They clip him with a beard to show his terrier bloodline. 

New owner comment:
Izzie is doing great.  She stands close to 24 inches at the shoulder and is 40 lbs. She is a very loving and friendly puppy and is very active. Our vet is in love with her. Thanks for our wonderful Izzie.
Izzie is from our 2010 litter.