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News!   I have finally managed to put together a new website.  This one will hold more pictures of the dogs and pups.  Check it out at wicketgatefarm.com 
(Notice: the only difference is the absence of the word 'tripod' in the name.)
Welcome to Wicket Gate Farm
Here at Wicket Gate we strive to produce fine family pets for our buyers.  All four of our dogs are our family pets.  Our breeding dogs have passed the test of producing healthy happy puppies that learn quickly and fit in well with their new families. Thus far our customers have been very pleased with our Airedoodles! 

Pup from Nellie's 2011 litter.

Check us out at our new website: wicketgatefarm.com
Notice that the only difference in the website is the absence of the word 'tripod' in the name. 

   Contact Info:

Paul & Janet Cook

3833 Boyer Rd.

Greenville,  MI  48838